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Vademecum Tours is a way of experiencing Tuscany that stands out from the frantic realities of mass tourism, offering you a relaxing journey with a slow discovery of the region through time and history. The idea was born in 2017 by Alessandro Maggiorelli and his deep passion for nature, history and outdoor living visiting places, knowing people and discovering hidden beauties. Our main objective is to enhance the territory by guiding you to discover the wonders of Tuscany, through an hiking tour or bike tour, or through an educational activity, where children learn to know and respect nature while having fun. The intent is to let you experience the Tuscan landscape by letting you get in touch with all the extraordinary things that exist here, from the wildest nature to the historical country parishes, from the local fauna and flora to traditional customs and traditions.

The Guides

Alessandro Maggiorelli

Environmental Hiking Guide

Born in the heart of Chianti, where he lives and collaborates in the development of trail networks, he began to practice hiking as a child in the Dolomites and in the Graian Alps. A former student of Biology, in 2016 he became an Environmental Guide and began working in the Tuscan territory by founding Vademecum Tours. From 2017 he is a guide at the Botanical Garden of the University of Siena..  

Serena Castignoni

Environmental Hiking Guide - Geologist

Member of the Italian Alpine Club for a long time, he inherited from his father from Piedmont the love for nature and the mountains. Graduated in Geology, in 2006 she became an Environmental Hiking Guide and worked both on the territory and in the museum area. From 2014 he is a guide at the Botanical Garden of the University of Siena.

Why choose a local environmental guide?

A local guide knows the customs and habits of your region, speaks the local language, advises you on what to eat and drink. It takes you on the most beaten paths but also the most hidden ones, It shows you what you want to visit and what you would not expect to see.

IS ENVIRONMENTAL GUIDE who by profession, accompanies individuals or groups assuring the necessary technical assistance in the visit of natural environments, also anthropized, of eco-museums, in order to illustrate the elements, the characteristics, the ecological relationships, the link with the history and cultural traditions, landscape attractions, and also provide elements of environmental education. Those paths that require the use of mountaineering equipment and techniques are excluded.


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