The Orrido di Botri is the biggest and most spectacular canyon in Tuscany. Its steep walls, nearly vertical, its bottlenecks, the crystal clear waters of Rio Pelago, its wild vegetation, its natural pools, the Golden Eagle living in its peaks make a unique, unmissable environment for a hiker.
We will discover a hidden and arduous spot, full of natural treasures. During the hike we will enjoy the surround in the fresh running water, observing the geological, wildlife and flora peculiarities.


HIKE TIPE E – Excursionist
DURATION all day


  • hike boots (mandatory)
  • backpack with raincover
  • raincoat
  • packed lunch
  • 2l of water (at least)
  • swimsuit (optional)


  • N.B. During the itinerary you will get wet because the route is partially into the water (below your knees, usually). It is recommended to bring a full change of clothes, to leave in the car.
    Meeting time and place to be set with the guide.
  • Tour available from June to September
  • The guide reserves the right to modify the itinerary depending on weather or safety conditions, if needed.

Prices all day (Including VAT)

from 1 to 5 people
from 6 to 10 people
More than 10 people
220 + € 35 for each additional person

The price includes: coordination and assistance environmental tour guide licensed by L.R. 42 del 23/03/2000 e succ. mod., RCT insurance.

Length: Route length is calculated using GPS and maps. The length is always expressed in kilometers (km).

Legend of hiking difficulties

Itineraries on paved or gravel roads, paths on regular terrain, without difficulties or obstacles. Water-courses are crossed on safe small bridges.

Itineraries on any type of path or easy tracks, on varied terrains, may present steep ascents and/or descents and some sections of uneven terrain. Sometimes vegetation can be an obstacle. Water-courses may be crossed fording in shallow waters, without any danger of being dragged away by the stream.

Itineraries on paths or tracks and even out of tracks.
Uneven terrains, sections out on a limb not suitable for those who suffer from dizziness, screes, slippery grass or mud slopes, rocks and/or debrises, single rocky passages requiring the use of hands. Vegetation can be a significant obstacle in some segments. Water-courses may be crossed fording in significant sized rivers (till 20m wide) and/or creeks grown rough in the thawing period or after strong rains.

IItineraries with the presence of snow, with or without snow rackets. Though limited to terrain with very low inclination, with no danger from snow thickness, EAI itineraries require a proper equipment and knowledge for the particular weather and environmental conditions.

Hikes for everyone in good health, able to walk, suitable for elderly and children.
Max length 9-10 km and less than 300m of height difference.

Hikes that require a little training in walking, while not demanding a remarkable physical effort.
Length between 7 and 15 km and height difference between 200m and 600m.

Hikes that require a regular training in walking, presenting hard ascents and/or long distances.
Length between 10 and 20 km and height difference between 400m and 1000m

Hikes that require a regular training in walking and a good fitness level and motivation. They can take place at high altitude and hard environmental conditions.
Length over than 20 km and height difference over than 1000m.